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T.H Chemicals Co.,Ltd,located in Jiaxing City,is committed to serve it’s clients with a diverse range of chemicals.We are specialized in the development and manufacturing of APIs,advanced intermediates and fine chemicals such as pesticide.We also engage in custom synthesis and contract manufacturing to meet the different requirements from clients worldwide.

Based on our experienced techicans,laboratory and plant facilities,We perform to be the best in this field which assuring full protection of your intellectual property.

Collaborating with Famous college and institute,such as shenhai Phramaceutical Research Institute, we can find the best solution for your projects.

T.H Chemicals provides custom synthesis of almost any organic compound. We offer intermediates, reference compounds, and starting materials. Compounds are made to order in scales ranging from grams to multi-kilogram.

We offers a full range of custom synthesis services:new product development, laboratory and commercial scale production.We concentrate on multi-step synthesis of complex downstream organic intermediates with our talented experts.We can meet the strict specifications,consistent quality and lead-time requirements demanded by our customers.
 Prompt answers to inquiries and requests are part of our everyday routine. From the initial inquiry, we will quickly assess compounds from a technological and industrial point of view and reply back within a short amount of time with pricing and lead-time. At the same time, our effective process scale-up developments can ensure the lowest pricing for your current or upcoming projects.